Wave opens up a multi-channel virtual platform for live concerts

Wave, formerly known as TheWaveVR, has announced the release of the world’s first multi-channel virtual entertainment platform for live concerts. This new experience will allow artists to perform live for fans across digital, social and virtual platforms. What does this mean exactly? Avatar: The Last Gigbender The new technology implemented into Wave offers broadcasting technology […]

Bitwig Studio 3.1 brings a wealth of new pitch and workflow additions

Bitwig Studio 3 won our hearts earlier this year with the introduction of The Grid. Now, Bitwig Studio 3.1 is set to bring new ways to express musical ideas with extended pitch features, improved editing and workflow improvements and more support for controllers. Perfect Pitch? Micro Pitch is Bitwig’s newest note effects device, allowing for […]

Spitfire Audio Percussion Swarm is an encyclopediac collection of rhythmic textures

[embedded content] Spitfire Audio has announced the availability of Percussion Swarm, the next virtual instrument in the company’s Swarms series. The British sound design company has described the plug-in as “a one-of-a-kind, encyclopaedic collection of beautiful cloud-like evolutions, pointillistic textures and single hits created from rare and extensive tuned and untuned instruments”. Peculiar Percussion Percussion […]

How To Analyze Music Using The 5-Point Technique

Ever listened to a song and thought: How did they do that!? Every producer’s dream is to make the quality of music that their idols do. But we get caught up in things like: Finding out what plugins they use Watching breakdowns and walkthroughs Getting down that our music isn’t good enough While these things […]

Point Blank heads to ADE 2019 to grab ‘One Tip’ for up and coming producers

Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp [embedded content] Point Blank spent some time last month in Amsterdam to attend the annual Amsterdam Dance Event, 2019. Alongside checking out the variety of panels and parties on offer, the team used the opportunity to catch up with a number of talented producers and DJs. During the many musical Q&A […]

Learn about insert effects with MusicTech’s Logic Pro Tips

Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp [embedded content] Continuing with our Logic Pro Tips series, Jono Buchanan covers the basics on Logic Pro X’s insert effects. In this video, Jono specifically works with Logic’s Chromaverb, and shows you how to introduce exciting effects to an otherwise dry piece of audio. In our Logic Pro Tips series, MusicTech’s […]

Fans of Teenage Engineering and Rick and Morty will love the new PO-137

Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp [embedded content] Teenage Engineering has teamed up with Emmy-winning producer, Justin Roiland, one of the masterminds behind the popular TV show, Rick and Morty. The PO-137 is a special edition of the PO-35 speak, a vocal synthesiser and sequencer, and is available to purchase now. The PO-137 offers eight different voice […]

Kanto TUK is a versatile speaker system to suit all your multimedia needs

Kanto, a Canadian based audio specialist company, is now shipping TUK, a versatile wireless, powered speaker system. The company says TUK is its “most advanced model to date”, with the intention to “push the limits on what a bookshelf speaker can achieve”. Available in 26 and 32-inch models, the speakers are designed to provide crystal […]

Building Your Creative Confidence with laxcity

This week, laxcity sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.  Laxcity is an extremely talented producer based out of Bristol that’s curated a strong fanbase with his unique brand of emotional, melodic electronic music.  He’s an introspective artist and human, which clearly comes across in this interview. We discuss how laxcity discovered his unique […]

Get 10 new UNO Drum libraries for free from IK Multimedia

[embedded content] IK Multimedia has released the Drum Anthology Libraries for UNO Drum. The free collection is compiled of PCM sounds from over 40 classic drum machines from the early 1960s sequencers, up to modern machines from 1990 and beyond. The libraries are organised by era and style, with each package offering new enhancements derived […]