August 17

Antares launches Auto-Tune Unlimited plug-in subscription

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Antares, makers of the iconic Auto-Tune, launches a new vocal effect subscription service called Auto-Tune Unlimited. The move sees the plug-in maker joining the subscription trend, which is undoubtedly beneficial for developers wanting to keep the lights on and helpful for producers that don’t have $400 upfront to pay for Auto-Tune Pro.

Auto-Tune Unlimited comprises 16 plug-ins from Antares, though four of them are the various versions of Auto-Tune: Pro, Artist, EFX+ and Access. Auto-Tune EFX+ adds multi-effects and a melodic pattern generator for more creative effects; the Artist variant is optimised for live performances, while Auto-Tune Access is the most basic but is CPU-light.

The other effects included are taken from the Antares Avox bundle and include

  • Auto-Key – Faster Auto-Tune workflow with automatic key and scale detection
  • Aspire – Control breathiness in vocals
  • Articulator – Digital talkbox
  • Choir – Vocal multiplier
  • Duo – Vocal doubler
  • Harmony Engine – Automatic harmony generator
  • Mic Mod – Microphone modelling
  • Mutator – Extreme processor for special vocal effects and sound design
  • Punch – Intuitive vocal compressor with overload protection
  • Sybil – Variable frequency de-esser
  • Throat – Physical modelling voice designer
  • Warm – Simulated vintage tube saturation

The Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription also includes unlimited upgrades for included plug-ins, VIP customer support, training resources and free access to specific plug-ins that Antares releases in the future. There’s no word on what those new plug-ins might be yet.

Auto-Tune Unlimited costs $24.99 per month or $249 when paid annually. 14-day trials are available. Find out more at

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