My Story

My love for music, creative process and ability to make something from nothing is what drives me forward when planning out my next step in my entrepreneurial career with Fadeliss Productions.
Music literally has the ability to alter moods, or set the tone of a situation or gathering or talk to you. I like the ability to be able to participate in that and show off at the same time.
Computer I.T.
Why? I’m good at it… Even if it only powers on, I can probably fix it.
Web Design.
This one falls under the creative process mentality.
I have been making websites since I was 11 years old over 20 years ago. I was just fascinated by the concept and I just HAD to learn how to do it back then. There was no YouTube back then so I had to do the research and self educate. I studied the code and went through trail and error and I had my first website on my own server in my bedroom at 12. Only downside is it took a lot of resources from the computer that I was using to make the website.
Skip a few years and I finally snagged a career doing just that.
I then proceed to create the S.E.O division of Pinnacle Marketing Group as a new hire and it went uphill from there –
So here we are.